What to Expect

Plan Your Visit
Gather with real people around the real Jesus.
Good News
Expect to hear the good news of Jesus Christ every time you're here. There are plenty of opportunities to experience real growth and discover the real Jesus.
Expect songs that are meaningful and God-ward focus. Whether it's classical hymns or a bit modern, you'll be pointed to Jesus every time.
Expositional Preaching
Expect to hear Christ-Centered, Gospel-saturated preaching as we walk through books of the Bible. No matter what service you go to, Jesus is always the focus.
Welcomed Diversity
Expect to meet real people from various professions, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and life stages. You'll even meet people in different stages in their spiritual journey.
Come As You Are
Expect to meet real people just like you. There's no dress code at Bethel. Our approach to God in worship is not defined by our appearance, but in our attitude. It doesn't matter who you are, what you've been through, or where you come from, come as you are. Seriously.